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Diamond Jake says:
It rained all weekend here and I can again vouch for the Kix'N'Bux coat. It was PERFECT! Rain was cold and sucky but we needed it.
Diamond Jake

Good morning Tammy,
I wanted you to know that I washed my coat in the Tech Wash and then in the TX Direct. I hung it to dry and tried it yesterday. The water seems to bead right up. I even ran a patch under the tap and it seems to have done the trick.
Thank you for all your help on this.
Best riding coat I've ever had!
D. Jackson

I bought a Kix'N'Bux slicker for myself a couple years ago. It's the greatest!
I helped trail in 40 horses in northern BC a couple years ago. First day, poured all day. End of the day, I was the only one that was dry and warm!
Tim C.

Back in 2008 I purchased your riding coat and always benefited from the quality and durability ....BUT... riding on Friday, July 20 along the historic 1849 Hudson's Bay Trail (just outside of Hope, BC) your coat was put to the ultimate test....5 hours in torrential down pour (I'm talking thunder, lightning & heavy rain) I was dry, warm and comfortable, and smiling (just a little!). My horse appreciated the protection too! My friends, soggy, and miserable are now seeking to own the same coat!
L. Thompson

I LOVE my kix'N'Bux jacket, it is so light, keeps me incredibly warm, doesn't attract, dirt, hay or horse hair ! LOL Whenever I wear out riding, everyone admires it. I don't have an indoor ring and living on Vancouver Island .... we get a lot of rain ! so it's nice to be able to ride and not have to clean and dry my tack out every time I ride in the rain !
L. Foxgord

Highly recommend to all my horsy Friends, I love my Kix'N'Bux coat!
C. Card

I have the Kix n Bux coat. It is a beautiful, well made coat with a great design.

I got one of those kixnbux coats from the distributor about a year ago. What makes it great is it's lightweight, breathable and covers the entire saddle and my legs, but still rolls up to the size of a regular slicker. Everything stays dry but you don't sweat under it.

It rained all weekend here and I can again vouch for the Kix N Bux coat.

It is awesome. although I have not had a chance to ride in it yet (it has all the riding bells and whistles) I wore it in the rain and it is awesome. it's dry, it's lite, and it's breathable.

First ride in my new coat, love it! Keeps my saddle nice and dry.

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