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Finally — a coat designed to fit completely over your entire saddle, protecting you from your waist down to your feet! This practical coat has two strategically-positioned snaps and a design to cover your whole front, eliminating rain and snow from going down between you and your saddle. This unique feature is patent pending. Read more >>>

Depending on if you are riding in a ranch saddle, trail saddle, barrel saddle or English saddle, just do up both or one of the snaps to cover your entire front. The coat also creates a parachute effect over the horse, which helps trap some of the heat the horse expels. This heat filters up through the inside of the jacket, helping to keep you warm. Read more >>>

New Features

Our newly redesigned coat features an extra-height, fleece-lined collar with snap back flap.

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New Colours

The Kix' N' Bux coat is available in three new colours: Gunmetal Grey, Tan and Sage.

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